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A wedding DJ can make or break your once-in-a-lifetime day. We don't take that lightly! Your day should go smoothly and without worries about your wedding DJ. Our goal is to make sure your day goes the way you expect it to - or even better! We know we only have one chance to get your wedding right. There are no do-overs and we take great pains to make sure we get it right.

From the first step in working with you to the last dance of your wedding, our wedding DJ is going to help plan your dream wedding. We will go through a planning process that involves finding out what is important to you and your partner. From music, to announcements, introductions and more, we’ll find out what you want and need.

We have the experience to help make your wedding ceremony perfect as well as the reception. You’ll hear the music that you want as your wedding party comes down the aisle. Your guests will hear the spoken words clearly as the readings are read and you recite your vows. Have you ever been to a wedding and you can’t hear what’s being said? Frustrating! We have microphone technology that makes sure everyone hears the ceremony clearly. And we can do this indoors or outside at your favorite location. Even out in the middle of nowhere, with our quiet generator for powering our setup.

And finally, on your wedding day, we know how to get all your friends and family in the celebration mood and keep them dancing all night! We play a variety of music and know how to mix it up just right to keep young and old alike on the dance floor throughout the night. We also are experienced on how to introduce your wedding party, special dances and anything you’d like to have announced. And we do this without being too annoying or overbearing. We will go according to your plan and timeline so that the day flows in such a way as to keep it interesting and fun. Click below to check availability.

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