Bringing Events to Life!

Making you and your guests happy is our #1 goal! Here are a few ways we achieve that:

We will work together to help make your day perfect!

No two events are alike. Your special requests, activities, level of DJ interaction and more are customized. What songs and genres do you like? What don’t you like? We will go over everything to insure that there are no unexpected surprises when it comes to your special day.

Our Experience = Your Success!

When you choose Power Jam Productions, you will be ensured an experienced entertainer who knows how to read the crowd and will play the best music for you and your guests with many years of DJ hosting experience. You will have a professional M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) as the host of your event, who knows how to introduce your wedding party or special dances and add just the right amount of talking to your event without being overly “cheesy” or too talkative.

Peace of Mind

You will have less to worry about because of our FULL BACKUP of all our music and equipment ON SITE, so the party won’t end early due to equipment failing! When you reserve your date, we will provide you with an agreement to ensure we have all the details in writing – we won’t forget about your date or cancel on you at the last minute. We have heard stories of DJ’s cancelling or not showing up after they take your money. We’ve never missed a show – and we’ve stayed in business over 33 years for a reason!

Complimentary Appearance

Our DJ system will have a neat, complimentary appearance and complement your decor. We will come dressed for the occasion based on your preference. We will not be drinking or smoking at your event.

Free Dance Floor Lighting

Modern lighting that complements your decor and venue is also included at no extra charge. We can dim or brighten it to match the room size and also create exciting lighting scenes to help set the party atmosphere. We can also alter lighting to accommodate epileptics by eliminating flashing lights if needed.


When you choose Power Jam Productions, you will enjoy the music because we have the experience to know when to play the right music for your crowd at the right time. It’s easy to pick a lot of great songs, but not so easy to know when those songs will fit with your crowd and keep everyone dancing all night long. We will use all of our experience to help ensure a fun and memorable experience for you and your guests.